Spotted Couch Blog deals with the power of the arts to provoke discussion about social justice and crime. The idea is to bring social topics into the fray by focusing on diverse artistic practices such as visual arts, film, music, performance, fiction, literature, media and other related disciplines. The blog is intended to arouse or provoke readers while it stitches artistic tales about current or significant social, psychological or criminal events or issues.

The word, “spotted” means to mark or stain with or as if with spots — like a spotted couch or spotted honour.  A couch or a sofa is a place of honour for a welcomed guest, but as a thing an action it also carries other meanings and inferences such as to “couch” or express (something) in a certain manner.

Unlike the bourgeois, avant garde salons of the early 19th century, the Spotted Couch focuses on art that crosses all media, cultural and economic boundaries. The ability of artists to communicate complex situations in engaging and original ways, embedding dissent and being transgressive, make artists a prime social group in which we can reflect on issues of crime and social injustice.


  1. I like it……very interesting….
    Didn’t know about the “priming coat of paint or varnish used in artistic painting”….
    I will come to sit often…..save my spot…..as in “place”…

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    • Yes, good point! I was thinking about it in the context of my interest in art re: social context and how the priming sets the base on which to create a story or commentary. Might be too obscure of a reference!

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  2. Very nice post… thanks.

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  3. I love that you are highlighting the power of art in relation to social justice and crime. We seek to use the power of art to highlight importance social justice issues and stories, often stories of individuals who rarely get their voices heard. Our latest project focuses on solitary confinement. We’d love to connect to see if you’d like to preview our pilot episode of our show, “The wHOLE.” You can learn more on our website – http://thewholeseries.com/ and thanks so much for this site and your work in this area.

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  4. Thanks for this important blog. Hope you’ll check out POPS the Club http://www.popstheclub.com.



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